Welcome to my world. It is I, the ever-present Lord Shiva. I am present even when you think I am not. I am here to protect others, provide boons, and control all as I look over the three worlds (heaven, Earth, and the underworld). I am normally presented with my snake, my bull Nandi, and my trident. My trishul, or trident, represents this unity. My snake defines my stillness and focus. And Nandi represents truth and righteousness. Nandi is my vehicle, but how I obtained him is a story for another time. If you must know more of my symbols, the three lines upon my head also present unity of the three worlds. In case you could not tell by now, I am the balance of the three. For I have sanctified Ganga, taught Vishnu, and punished other Gods. I can destroy all with a single thought or provide permanence. All who fear me do so with respect and rightfulness. I am the one true God, although Vishnu is well on his way. I do wish, however, that you may meet my wife Parvati at some point. She, too, has many important roles and forms that teach you more about her and myself.


I have taken on several forms as Hanuman, Ashwatthama, and Durvasa. I have also emphasized my power through symbols such as the bow that Rama broke and the Chandrahasa given to Ravana. As you can see, I am very involved in the lives of many. I take on many forms and you can see pieces of me throughout the natural world. I am present in the Hindu culture through various forms. Note my physical appearance with my symbols at the top of this page. The next form is the linga. The linga presents my raw power and masculinity in the phallic form. Many use this form in times of worship with water, milk, and honey. You may see me in the linga form or my physical form, but essentially I am formless. I make my presence known when I want it to be known.

Many of my stories take place on Earth. You can find me in the deepest of caves and the most beautiful of rivers. For I have touched every inch of this land with my blessings. May each of my incarnations, forms, and stories teach you more about me and my goals to guide others. I hope to inform you more about my hand in the epics, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Jai Bholenath.

(Jai Bholenath is a common expression used to praise Lord Shiva. The term "Bholenath" refers to the innocent or simple one. Shiva is a God who is pleased by simple worship without complex rituals and casts his shelter through this simple worship. He may be the destroyer, but he is kind to his devotees.)


Shiva Parvati.jpg

My form with my consort Parvati is presented here. Together, we demonstrate equality. She too takes on many forms, but you can ask her of that another time. Source: HinduDevotionalBlog

Shiva Lingam.jpg

Here is my form as a linga. You can see what parts make up this form and what they mean. Source: BooksFact



Here are some of the well known forms I have taken on Earth. I have appeared as Hanuman, Durvasa, and Ashwatthama. These are some of my more important appearances. Read on to learn more about my presence in the epics.


Hanuman. Source: Krishna Culture

Durvasa. Source: HinduFAQs

Ashwatthama. Source: Wikipedia