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I am continuing the voice of Shiva, but as Hanuman. He recounts the tales of his life as Hanuman and his importance in both the Ramayana and Mahabharata. I also wanted to make this page more interactive and in a particular order. Hanuman was born around the same time as Rama. He then went on the help Rama, but then continued his duty in the Mahabharata later on. There are also many versions of the birth of Hanuman. His first mission was with Rama, which he became so well known for. After this, he helped others in the Mahabharata. The pictures I displayed are murtis, or sculptures, of Hanuman. In slide 3, I used a picture of Rama's bridge that can be seen from NASA satellites. This is possible proof that this historical event occurred. He is worshipped as a monkey, but he is also known as a brave and courageous warrior. In times of low confidence, Hanuman is who is worshipped for courage, bravery, and confidence. He supplies strength and I hope that that is portrayed in these beautiful images. The stories I wrote in Shiva's perspective but hope to have brought light on the emphasis that Shiva is Hanuman. Hanuman had his own place in these stories, but he is the reincarnation of Shiva. His power as Hanuman stems from the fact that he is Shiva in every aspect.



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